You are entitled to close your account with us any time and end these contracts with a notice period of seven (7) days by withdrawing all of your account balance and sending us written notification by e-mail. Once the notice period has ended, your account will be considered closed. During the notice period until the account is closed, you are fully responsible for any activities taking place via your account.


If you wish to temporarily close your account, please activate an indefinite Facility Closure for all Game Facility. For this reason, the handling fee for inactive accounts will also be charged for accounts which are temporarily closed via the function “Facility Closure”.


Without limitation to section 17, We are entitled to terminate these Agreements on seven (7) days notice (or attempted notice) to You at the e-mail address You have provided to Us. In the event of termination by Us, We shall give notice of the termination to You via e-mail and, other than where termination is pursuant to section 17, as soon as reasonably practicable refund the balance of Your Account. Where We have terminated pursuant to section 17, any payouts, bonuses and winnings in Your Account are non-refundable and deemed forfeited.


Termination of these Agreements will not affect any outstanding wagers or bets, PROVIDED that any outstanding wagers or bets are valid and are not in breach of these Agreements in any way.


The following Sections of these Terms and Conditions shall survive any termination of these Agreements by either party: 14, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25, along with any other Sections which are required for the purposes of interpretation.